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F650 Limo"The Hummer Killer"


Up to 26 PASSENGERS              Intercom Phone
Full Star Gazer Ceiling & Bar      1800 Watt Surround Sound Stereo
Aircraft Lighting Tubes               8 TV’s / DVD / CD
Laser Show                                Strobe Light Show
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An L.A. Limo Exclusive - The F650 “Hummer Killer” is a truly distinctive vehicle in a class of its own

This ultimate luxury vehicle is an experience: Check out the view in the full length, front to back stainless steel mirrored ceilings, you’ll feel like royalty in the exotic interior, with luxurious custom U-Shaped Taboo seats and all the amenties. A dazzling multimedia experience awaits within: multiple LCD TV’s, fantastic fiber optic lighting, a premium sound system, set-off with an incredible mirrored ceiling, blackwood finishes and an ernomous 26 passenger seating capacity. You have to experience it to beleive it - book early as this unique limousine is always in high demand.
“This is the largest SUV in Canada”.

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